Masseuse In Canada

How much does a masseuse make in Canada

How much does a masseuse make in Canada

Masseuse In Canada


Are you planning to start your career in Canada? Would you like to become a masseuse? If so, you might wonder how much does a masseuse make in canada. In this writing, you will find all data about this profession. How to get the job there? Do you require a degree for it and much more? 

The masseuse is the woman who offers the massage professionally. So, it holds the single tag of a profession, as a massage therapist can be a broad term. It all depends on the sort of business and work area you pick to enter.

So, a masseuse in Canada usually earns around 69,000 CAD/year. So their salary ranges from 5,900 CAD, the lowest, to 106,000 CAD, which is the highest.

Who is a masseuse?

It is a female who offers professional massage therapy, and the term is a masseur for men. So, the masseuse treats their client by putting pressure on the muscles and soft tissues. So, they can offer the following results with the correct tension on the point.

  • Relief the pain
  • Enhance circulation.
  • Heal injuries
  • Reduce stress.

The Job Choices for Masseuse

Hence, there are a wide variety of advanced massage therapies and massage therapists. Massage therapy is best in:

  • Sports Injury
  • Chiropractic Practices
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Fitness center
  • Wellness centers 
  • Spas

At Hamptons College, you get a diploma in advanced massage therapy and massage therapy.

how much does a masseuse make in canada

As per the Canadian Message Therapist Alliance report in 2016, around 20% of masseuses earn about 35.000 CAD or less. Also, about 23% of incomes fall between 25,000 CAD and 39,999 CAD. So, only 18 percent earn around 40,000 CAD to 54,999 CAD.

Professional MASSEUSE

What is the average rate per 60 min?

So the 60 min rate for per session is about 71.00 CAD to 90.00 CAD. So, here is the list of income the masseuse makes in one 0.

  • In Vancouver, British Columbia, it is 63.01 CAD per 0.
  • In Calgary, Alberta, it is around 39.75 CAD per 0.
  • In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, it is about 24.88 CAF per 0.
  • In Winnipeg, Manitoba, it is 28.19 CAD per 0.
  • In Toronto, Ontario, it is 50.65 CAD per 0.
  • Montreal, Quebec, it is 33.29 CAD per 0.
  • Charlottetown, PEI, it is around 30.55 CAD per 0
  • So, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, it is about 32.86 CAD per 0
  • Moncton, New Brunswick it is 14.22 CAD per 0.

Salary as per the Experiences

So the average annual salary includes various benefits like transport, housing and more. So a masseuse’s salary varies, and it all depends on the location, gender, skills, and of course experiences.

Here, expertise in the field matters a lot when finding the salary. So it is clear that if you have been in this field for years, it means more wage. So, we have broken down the salary as per your expertise level.

  • The average experience of 2 years or less is CAD 20,700/year.
  • Moderate levels with two to five years in this field can earn up to 54,700 CAD/year. It is about 34 percent more than someone with two years or less experience.
  • If the level of expertise is five to 10 years, then income is about 71,000 CAD per year. So it is about 39 percent more than with the experience of 2 to five years.


Become a Professional Masseuse with Hamptons College

To become a professional massage therapist, you must get the proper diploma and training to develop the skills. Do you want to pursue your career here? If so, Hamptons College has a massage therapy diploma program for international and domestic students. Our online courses meet the national standard in all program areas, with the main focus on research, therapeutic techniques, and anatomy.

Our diploma program is flexible to adapt to your work and life. So, students can pick part-time (weekends and evenings) or full-time. Our fall semester starts in September and our winter semester starts in January. The course ensures our graduates get highly paid jobs in Canada and begin working as registered Message therapists.

Salaries vary widely by location and number of 0 worked, with the highest paid certified Massage Therapists in Canada making over $100,000 per year. A survey by put the average annual salary in Canada for registered Massage Therapists at around CAD$69,000, or $35 per 0 if converted to full-time 0.

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