Welcome to Hamptons College –  This is one of Canada’s most inclusive colleges located in the spectacular Calgary region in Western Canada. We have helped over thousands of graduates over the past 10 years succeed in their respective careers and life. 

The main goal of Hampton’s College is to provide a value defined education that helps our students gain the necessary skills and experience in order to secure their dream job opportunities – there by helping them in securing a long-term sustaining careers that is very rewarding and fruitful. 

Hamptons College is a Private Career College that is fully licensed by the Government of Alberta. We offer a variety of different types of Diploma courses that support both local and international students coming from diverse backgrounds. Each program consists of both Theory and 0 which equips the student with all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience that builds the candidate fully qualified in their respective careers. 

We work closely with the Industry Experts and employers to ensure that all of our students get placed in the practicum environment. We do conduct live-discussion sessions between our students and the Industry experts. This ensures that all of our students are aware of the latest trends in the current industry and we continually upgrade our programs that meet or exceed the Industry standards. 

All of our faculty teachers are highly skilled and experienced in the present job Industry. We do have professors who are doctorates and research experts. We hire only the best talent in the Industry. Our teachers work hard in ensuring that they train and provide the best quality material to our students. All our classes are very engaging and we do encourage student participation.


The main vision of Hamptons College is to help our students discover their inner potential and help them achieve their dream careers which will make a positive impact in their life and community.


Our Mission is to provide our student community a very unique quality educational experience that helps in fostering their academic journey with Hamptons College. We work hard in providing specialized programs that cater the needs of both the Industry and the student community that leads students towards:

Entrepreneurial Development.

Specialized Credentials that can help them easily qualify for employment.

Value-defined Diplomas and Certificates in various specialized careers.

We always focus on continuous improvement. We conduct various workshops between the Industry Leaders and the Students in order to enhance the overall quality of future education. We always take into consideration the student issues, concerns and areas that needs improvement.

Our Vision
Value Statement


Hamptons College constantly invests enormous efforts and resources to ensure that the students are successful in their respective careers. Our value for success is built on the following pillars:










We offer something to suit everyone’s interest. From a diploma in human and community support to a qualification in financial services, we offer it all.