Massage Therapy- Student Services

At Hamptons College, we offer our students the opportunity to get hands on learning experience with our clients. For taking part in the educational opportunity, clients are offered a discounted rate of service. We are also a proud member of NHPCA.

Service Catalogue

  •  Therapeutic (special populations conditions) – $15

  •  Relaxation massage – $10

  •  Prenatal massage – $15

  •  Manual lymphatic drainage – $10

  •  Reflexology/foot massage/hand massage – $15

Please allow 90 minutes for your appointment which will include a thorough interview and assessment by your student therapist prior to your message, followed by an evaluation of the student by you at the end of the appointment. Call us at 403-994-9994 for more details.

Hours of Operation: Tuesdays, 10:00 AM – 03:30 PM


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