Hamptons College offers IPBCs (Pharmacist) in Calgary. Our sessions include both MCQ and OSCE training for PEBC Evaluation. Fill out the international or domestic application form to apply for the course.


  • Preparation for all competencies
  • Goal theory
  • Case methodology
  • Vicarious learning
  • Practitioner online unique teaching methodology
  • Memory enhancers/keys
  • Reverse logic
  • Practicing questions
  • Structured discussions
  • Support material


  • Understanding logic and science behind OSCE cases
  • Developing a sound art of probing, identifying, structuring response, solving, and managing final impression
  • Rehearsing all categories of OSCE cases
  • Developing special techniques for tough and/or tricky cases
  • Identifying and resolving individualistic issues through development of specific strategies
  • Sharpening strengths and improving weaknesses


MCQ part I – $1,500

OSCE part II – $1,500

Evaluating Exam – $1,500

Previously paid course takers elsewhere can pay $700*. If taking both courses, the cost will be $2,500.

  • Once registered, you can attend next session if unsuccessful for only $200
  • Specially developed material/booklet provided as part of the course
  • Mock exams and mock OSCE at the University of Calgary (optional)
  • Qualifying classes I & II start on

Have you attempted pharmacy exam(s) without success? It’s time for an out of the box approach: Join Hamptons’ IPBCs today!


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