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Human & community Support services

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    Program Overview

    Diploma in Human and Community Support Services at Hamptons College is designed to prepare students to pursue a career in social work, human services and related fields. 

    The curriculum combines theoretical material and practical learning opportunities to equip the students with the knowledge, attitude and industry-standard skills to promote individual and community wellbeing and make a real difference in society. 

    Program Duration: 54 weeks

    Tuition Fee: 18,500

    Course Components

    Introduction to Human Services

    Introduction to Human Psychology

    Social Work Practice and Methods: The Canadian Perspective

    Social Welfare Policies and Issues

    Program Planning, Development and Implementation

    Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurocognitive Disorders

    Aging in Community

    Family and Interpersonal Relationships

    Gender and Diversity in Human Services

    Interpersonal and Professional Communications

    Personal Health & Wellness

    Disability Studies

    Addiction and Substance Abuse

    Crisis Intervention

    Conflict Management

    Counselling Skills

    Community Development

    Observing and Recording

    Trends and Issues in Human Services

    Social Work and Mental health

    What To Expect Human Community

    What to Expect?

    During the course of the program, the students will gain knowledge and skills in work a variety of public and non-profit organizations providing social services, community support and development, education assistance and local planning. 

    Students will learn how to work one-on-one or in small groups to assist children, youth, adults and seniors with diverse needs in a wide variety of settings, including community residences, shelters for the homeless, substance abuse centers, adolescent programs, vocational programs, day rehabilitation programs, day treatment programs and more. 

    Students complete a practicum in their area of specialization under the supervision of industry-skilled experts. During the process, the students apply what they have learned to practice to prepare for their employment.  

    Career Expectations

    Through the course, the students will develop professional and personal skills applicable to a comprehensive array of career paths.

    Graduates will primarily work along with social workers, healthcare providers, life-skill development instructors and other individuals and organizations in various capacities. Possible job titles include; 

    Community Service Worker

    Addictions Worker

    Crisis Counselor

    Disability Support Services Worker

    Life Skills Instructor

    Immigrant Support Worker

    Family Support Worker

    Mental Health Worker

    Crisis Intervention Worker

    Individual Support Worker

    Youth Outreach Worker

    Child and Youth Care Worker


      Getting Started Human And Community Support

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      We offer something to suit everyone’s interest. From a diploma in human and community support to a qualification in financial services, we offer it all.

      Preparing Students for a Global Economy

      We offer something to suit everyone’s interest. From a diploma in human and community support to a qualification in financial services, we offer it all.