At Hamptons College – we provide a very friendly and welcoming campus with a variety of helpful resources that are easy for students to access. Please see below some of our helpful resources where you will find everything that you need to know about the student life in Hamptons College.

1. Financial Aid:

Learn more about the different financial aid resources available to you. You will get more information about the student aid programs, scholarships, and other financial resources that will help you fund your education. Our friendly staff is there to support you with all your questions and concerns.

2. Student Residence:

Although Hamptons College does not offer any on-campus residences-  we can help you provide more information about apartments for rent, shared accommodation, hostels and many more.

3. Campus Events:

Learn more about the upcoming events on campus – Graduations, and other events that take place on campus.

4. alumni

Connect with your peers who have graduated from Hamptons College – who could be a great resource for your next job opportunity and beyond.

5. International Students:

Get more information about the International Student Resources – City Information, Residence, Visa Requirements and many more.

6. Cosmetology and Hair Styling:

Our students offer you a variety of different hair styling services at very discounted rates.

7. Massage Therapy:

Our students offer you a variety of different massage therapy services at very affordable rates.

Admission Requirements

Learn more about our admission requirements to Hamptons College. We are here to help you make your student journey as simple and streamlined. Our Admissions Counselors are there to assist you in this regard.

Campus Information

At Hamptons College, we have the state of the art campus and a wide variety of resources that make your student life easier and a stress-free environment. Our goal is to ensure that we provide all the necessary resources that will help you succeed in your career.


We offer something to suit everyone’s interest. From a diploma in human and community support to a qualification in financial services, we offer it all.