What Are Financial Services

What Are Financial Services


What are financial services?

Have you heard about financial services? Are you curious about it? Do you wish to learn more about the topic? You have stepped into the right place. To give you a general idea of what financial services cover, keep in mind that it is all about investing, managing, and lending money and assets.

It is the job of the finance sector to offer such services to clients. It involves giving directions and a map to clients on how to invest money in a business and enjoy returns. Various financial sectors offer these services worldwide and can help you use your assets correctly.

Financial Services Examples

The financial services sector offers you diverse kinds of services. They operate from several regions of the globe and play a crucial role in founding a new trade or growing a current one. It also leads to economic growth. The main examples of financial services consist of the following:

  • Banks
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Accounting Companies
  • and more.

Financial Services Salary

Many good jobs in this sector are open for you. Furthermore, you can improve cyber surveillance, compliance checks, etc. Managing people’s money is an extraordinary job for anyone who is good with numbers. You can get good revenue in this domain. The average salary for financial services in Canada is $68,438 annually. It is an average salary gathered from various regions in Canada. However, this amount is without tax deduction. Still, a good amount is left after it.

Role of Financial Services

Financial services play a vital role in your everyday life. You can specify its work in your life as follows.

Enhance the economic and financial stability:

It helps reduce the financial shocks you may face in your business and impact the overall economy.

Protects your savings:

It is a reliable system to save money for future use. You can draw the funds whenever you need and put them to better use.

Support efficient capital allocation:

It aims to sustain the economic growth of society by offering a reliable means of capital funding. It helps to finance large projects and raise money for it as well.

Smooth flow and consumption of cash:

It offers an efficient way of spending money and balancing your financial deals during various life phases.

Payment modes:

You can transfer money nationally and internationally by using it. There is no requirement to carry a large amount anywhere. It is a safe way to carry money around.

Importance of financial services

Importance of Financial Services

Financial services are a basic way to support inter and intra-country trading. Various factories and firms play a major part in this trade. They also encourage various activities for their business to progress.

 It is vital for the proper working of an economy. It helps to save money and further devote yourself to the progress of society. You may get your money in profit, support the circle of lending money to people in need, and benefit both parties. Thus, it gives unique financial aid along with a profit-loss trade.

Financial Services Diploma in Canada

You can avail of a diploma program in Financial Services. It offers better learning for banking and finance. It will give you complete data regarding a country’s financial processing and how it impacts your society.

 Many institutes in Canada offer this course. One of them is Hamptons College, Canada. You can benefit from our top industry instructors and advanced teaching methods, which will equip you for a thriving career.

Characteristics of Financial Services

You always need to consider a complete background check while selecting a field. Here, we are sharing the chief features of financial services for better understanding.

  • These services are specifically aimed towards clients. The customer’s opinion counts the most.
  • They are paramount to the proper functioning of an economy.
  • It lays the basic foundation of your country’s banking system.
  • Every country’s financial backbone is known to be a valuable asset.

Institutional Financial Services

Financial institutes are present everywhere. It is a well-known platform that allows you to invest, lend and deposit money for the industry. They ensure and regulate financial courses in your area. Here are the common yet main institutes.

  • Banking Systems (Investment, internet, central, retail, and commercial banks)
  • The Credit Unions
  • The Loan and Saving Associations
  • The Brokerage Firms
  • The Insurance Company
  • The Mortgage Company



Are you looking for a stable career? Does business interest you the most? Do you wish to work in finance and banking? So you want to join the financial advisory unit? Enrol yourself in a Diploma program for Financial Services.

This degree program will unlock your prospects and allow you to specify your future goals. Hamptons College Canada is a well-known institute. It offers various degree and diploma courses to students. You can get enrolled in it to turn these dreams into reality.

Program requirements

Hamptons College has professors with excellent experience in this field. They have recently taught at reputed colleges and are now here to enrich you. This program lasts for 81 weeks. We provide our students with QuickBooks, followed by premium packages of Sage 50. It has a good effect on their learning. We also arrange a practice session every eight weeks. It allows you to rehearse the skills you have well-read during this period.

 We also welcome students from the PLAR platform. This means you can avail of this diploma even if you’ve taken some financial courses previously. You can also get credits here for having some experience in the field.

Admissions Requirements

Hamptons College has its own set of requirements for prospective students. Please go through these in detail.

To be selected for this diploma course, every student must qualify for the general interview. However, some other specifications are as follows.

Immature students

  • All 17 years old must have a high school diploma.
  • Otherwise, it would be best if you were 18 years or older.
  • A high GED or transcripts from another province in English (Grade 12).
  •  Math (Grade 10) is required.


Mature Students

  • You must carry a satisfactory equivalent test.
  • The minimum age is 25 for these students.
  • Under the College’s supervision, you must also score at least 60% on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.


International Students

  •  You need to have a transcript from your home country.
  • You need to show any English evidence like TOEFL, ESL, etc.

These are the major requirements for your admission. It will play a vital role in the clearance of your interview here.


The length of this course stretches to a year and a half. During this time, you will learn the theoretical as well as practical applications of the knowledge. The overall cost for taking the financial services diploma at Hamptons College is as follows, 

Tuition Fee: 13,500 CAD

Career Pathways

After completing the financial services diploma at Hamptons, you will have many career paths. It usually starts with financial planning, portfolio management, quantitative strategies, etc. However, the four main career pathways are as follows.

  •  The Banking Services
  • The Business and Financial Management
  • An Investment Planning for future
  • An Insurance Company or Services

 We will help explore all the dimensions.

Program Guidelines

Hamptons College offers diploma courses in various subjects, including financial services. This is a leading field with many career chances in the future. After finishing this course, looking for better job prospects would be best.

 Here we have some suitable guidelines, and you must fulfil them to be a part of our college.

  •  You come clear on all the admission needs, including the standard process, mature admission process, and one for international students.
  • In terms of the documentation process, there is no relaxation.
  • A general interview is conducted with everyone.
  • You have to give the tuition payment to secure the seat after selection.
  • It is an 81-week program followed by a practice session. You must attend all the classes and come clear on exams for your certification.
  • You will be able to give the compliance exam for the Canadian Payroll Association.
  • It will lead to a stable and secure career in the future. There are various choices from which anyone can pick.

 Hamptons College warmly welcomes every student to its institute. There is no bias, and everyone is treated equally.